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Unfortunately the government-mandated shut-down has impacted ARL Solutions as asbestos or hazardous materials removals are not currently classified as essential services.  Therefore, we are pushing out all scheduled jobs for 4 weeks (at minimum).  However, during the shutdown period, we are offering our services to disinfect properties known to have been contaminated with COVID-19.  View our services here.

Operations have been shut down, and all sites secured. The shut-down period may end as early as Thursday, 23 April 2020 and this is when we are currently planning on resuming our normal business schedule.

We have also taken the following measures to ensure that work can continue as planned once the shut-down period is over:


  • All ARL Solutions employees are on reduced wages during the shut-down period to preserve the financial integrity of ARL Solutions
  • Managers and administrators are working 2-3 days a week (from home) to ensure smooth financial and business operations - calls to the land line are forwarded to the General Manager
  • All accounts were settled before the shut-down began

‚ÄčIf you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We may be able to handle emergency work should it be classified as an "essential service", and we will do our best to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.


Kia kaha,

ARL Solutions Management




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ARL Solutions provides WorkSafe licensed asbestos removal services throughout the south island, with our main office in Christchurch and a permanent base and dedicated staff in Dunedin.


We employ highly trained, qualified, and experienced staff, using sophisticated modern equipment.  ARL Solutions conducts business with absolute professionalism and prioritizes honesty, education, and clear communication with our clients.


You can have confidence in ARL Solutions, as our process are thoroughly checked by other companies to be safe and sound.  Our internal systems and processes are certified to the OHSAS18001:2007 standard by Telarc, we are annually audited by SiteWise, and all of our licensed asbestos removal projects are signed off and approved as being decontaminated by an independent third-party asbestos assessor before we give the site back to you. 


With all these other companies checking our work, you can be assured that we will do a safe and professional job for you.  Read our reviews on Google to see for yourself what our clients think!


Contact us today if you are concerned about:

•    The possible presence of asbestos-based materials in your home or commercial building
•    The condition of the asbestos-based materials you’re aware of
•    Replacing older construction, cladding, roofing or insulation materials in your building
•    Asbestos decontamination before a demolition job
•    Mould, guano, lead paint, or other hazardous materials


FREE QUOTES - ARL Solutions does not charge for quoting or consultation and we are always keen to provide education on the regulations and the health effects of asbestos.


Our team all have asbestos removal training up to the NZQA unit standards 29765 and 29766 and are compliant with the industry Approved Code of Practice for the management and removal of asbestos.


The crews at ARL Solutions has extensive experience in the industry, from small scale residential removals in Christchurch's red-zone, to carrying out and project-managing large scale commercial asbestos removals.  We have worked jobs from Dunedin to Auckland, completing the jobs no one else can do.  If you have any questions about your asbestos or hazardous materials problems, get in contact with us today to discuss how we can assist you.


ARL Solutions offer complete asbestos management and removal services for home and commercial building owners. We are asbestos removal experts and aim to offer the most thorough and safe service in the industry.


Our extensive experience in asbestos removal and management covers a diverse range of buildings and situations, including: heavy industrial plants, city centre office blocks, live retail outlets, residential projects of all sizes, listed buildings of historical importance.

ARL Solutions will tackle asbestos projects of all sizes and levels of complexity, from small scale residential jobs to asbestos remediation on multi-storey buildings prior to demolition, and large scale environmental decontamination projects.


Hazardous Materials - Mould, Guano, Lead paint


In addition to our asbestos removal service, ARL Solutions has the capability to:

  • remove and remediate mould contamination
  • remediate soil contamination of all sorts
  • remove guano (bird, bat, or rodent feces)
  • remove lead paint

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